Purpose of the RPK Experiment

Original post: 13 July 2009.
(Updated 17 July 2018: see PS below)
The blog posts below are a running account of an experiment that began on August 14, 1965. It has taken this long to get it this simple and for technology to be available.

The present design is a descendant of the 1980s "PK Party" (spoon bending) developed by Jack Houck. Its purpose is to experience and explain the phenomenon of remote psychokinesis and to understand its uncertainties.

We are attempting to produce an NCR (non-consensus reality) event in a CR (consensus reality) frame of reference in order to learn how to apply what physicist/psychologist Arnold Mindell calls The Edge between Physics and Psychology in his seminal work Quantum Mind, published in 2000. We believe that this process will lead us to a more mature understanding of our physical and psychological capabilities, which will in turn help us develop deeper social responsibility for our planet in terms of raising our individual and collective awareness. We believe that this will help transform societal attitudes from ideological needs to subdue, dominate or control each other or other beings of all kinds (animate and inanimate). We believe that this can happen only by partnering and supporting each other in raising our mutual awareness in creative ways.


PS. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright has given this experiment a clearer current explanation of purpose. In her Exoconscious Proposal: The Common Ground of Consciousness Science and Psychic Intelligence she writes "Today, extraterrestrial experiencers join growing numbers of vocal psychic experiencers: near death experiencers (NDE), out of body travelers (OBE), mediums, psychics and healers. Together these groups are urging, if not pushing, consciousness science to build a body of experiments and theories regarding consciousness as a non-local field. This growing psychic research has not gone unnoticed by classical scientists. Many of them are beginning to acknowledge consciousness as a fundamental field of reality... Exoconscious experiencers have living confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Presence. These experiencers have the potential to birth a social movement confirming the extraterrestrial presence. They have the power to propel the UFO/ET information mainstream in ways not possible with classical science."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Changing from springs to strings

December 3, 2011. ~10:00 PM

We have changed from stainless steel springs to nylon strings.

Since getting the biofeedback system [BFT] on line last year, we have experienced an artifact in recording  the movement in the hanging stainless steel disks. Up to now these disks have hung on tiny stainless steel springs so that vertical displacement movements can be recorded. But this has become a problem since strong vibrations in the room (like jumping on the floor) can make the disks oscillate up and down and trigger the motion detection cameras. But there are other times the cameras are triggered (by both disks being affected) which we cannot explain.

If only one disk were to move without affecting the other, that would be news! But that hasn't happened yet, since beginning this experiment.

So, we have removed the springs and replaced them with strings to see if this removes an unexplained artifact trigger motion.


love said...

I want to try it at one midnight

Eugene said...

To: "love" (whoever and wherever you are). We welcome your attempt!! This time tomorrow we will inspect the record and report our findings.

love said...

I have a condition for my attempt.
I need to see the objects only for one time and you alone simultanously. Then I would turn off my computer and I try to do what Joseph dillard already recommended on your site. Then I would try to have a remote viewing by my heart eyes and ask God to move the red object if it helps you and serves humanity. As everything is in his almighty hands I dont expect any miracle by my soul energy , I am satisfied with his will. I will try only for you. My midnight is different from yours. Are you comfortable with this comment?

Eugene said...

Yes, "love", I am comfortable with your comment, but not sure what you mean "to see the objects for one time and you alone simultaneously".

love said...

How can I see the objects and you right now in los Alamos "live"?

Eugene said...

When you wrote this, "love", I was driving a school bus in a snow storm! Yes, check out the weather report. Your condition seems unworkable.

love said...

No problem!
It was my comment only for trying your experiment. I needed to have a live image of the objects and you to know how I can concentrate on the object only for the subject. Your struggle in this age is wonderful!!
You will finally win your RPK experiment. Good luck!!
This poem shows why I liked to help you(not for any news, not for any prize, not for curiosity)
"One night a heart took my heart for a bloody crucification and went
A crazy entrapped me in a crazy net and went
He never sought my heart alley in anyway
But he pulled me inside my inner sacred self and went"
You dont have to publish this comment on your site.

Eugene said...

OK, "love", now that I know who you are and see that you can access this website, you can always see the two hanging objects live by going to http://www.eugenenkovalenkophd.com/ and clicking on the upper right hand links. I sent your ID and password in an earlier email and updated it last night. I don't need to be bodily present, since the system is on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I hope you will make the attempt and have confidence that you may actually succeed! Give it a try anytime you feel is right for you.

Eugene said...

عشق، آن است که در حال حاضر تا شما را به یک حرکت شیء قرمز را.

love said...

Eugene, I am still laughing for your Farsi because your speaking in farsi is as funny as my speaking in English

Eugene said...

It looks like the Google translator program needs work! :)

I intended to say "OK, 'Love', it's your turn to attempt to move the red object without affecting the other one." (I don't remember exactly how I wrote it.)

Did you receive your new ID/PW? I see no evidence that you have viewed the biofeedback [BFT] motion detector video [MDV] setup yet.

love said...

Eugene, The red object and I were introduced to each other for 10 minutes today. I intend to meet it for 10 minutes daily to make it satisfied we can be friends, when it trusts me it will dance for me someday.
I wish you were beside the TV when it wants to dance for me. Your presence is a psychological excuse for this kinesis.

Eugene said...

This is the second time I've tried to reply to L at 12:04 PM.

It looks like progress! My equipment records your getting acquainted process having taken 12:24 minutes at 12/15/11 @ 11:38:29 AM.

I look forward to when "Red" will dance for you or you with it. You will teach us as we proceed further.

As for my presence at an appropriate time, perhaps we will figure this out together as the dance proceeds. The webcam in the ceiling of the RPK equipment room will record any activity near the equipment once the surveillance cameras are tripped by any movement of the objects. This can be seen in the upper right hand quadrant of the experiment video.

BTW, I noticed an old essay in my draft file that I'd thought I'd sent to you weeks, if not months ago, that fits in with this experiment. I've just found an old post of it, which you can examine here: http://orthodoxodyssey.blogspot.com/1972/03/concept-of-mass.html.

Eugene said...

"Love", the RPK system has recorded your having viewed the objects again today for:

0:10:22 minutes on 12/16/2011 @ 11:40:56 A.M.

In the meantime, I have figured out a way to accept your condition. When I can get to it, I will post it on a new and separate post titled "Dancing with/for Love in the face of Fear" (or something like that)