Purpose of the RPK Experiment

Original post: 13 July 2009.
(Updated 17 July 2018: see PS below)
The blog posts below are a running account of an experiment that began on August 14, 1965. It has taken this long to get it this simple and for technology to be available.

The present design is a descendant of the 1980s "PK Party" (spoon bending) developed by Jack Houck. Its purpose is to experience and explain the phenomenon of remote psychokinesis and to understand its uncertainties.

We are attempting to produce an NCR (non-consensus reality) event in a CR (consensus reality) frame of reference in order to learn how to apply what physicist/psychologist Arnold Mindell calls The Edge between Physics and Psychology in his seminal work Quantum Mind, published in 2000. We believe that this process will lead us to a more mature understanding of our physical and psychological capabilities, which will in turn help us develop deeper social responsibility for our planet in terms of raising our individual and collective awareness. We believe that this will help transform societal attitudes from ideological needs to subdue, dominate or control each other or other beings of all kinds (animate and inanimate). We believe that this can happen only by partnering and supporting each other in raising our mutual awareness in creative ways.


PS. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright has given this experiment a clearer current explanation of purpose. In her Exoconscious Proposal: The Common Ground of Consciousness Science and Psychic Intelligence she writes "Today, extraterrestrial experiencers join growing numbers of vocal psychic experiencers: near death experiencers (NDE), out of body travelers (OBE), mediums, psychics and healers. Together these groups are urging, if not pushing, consciousness science to build a body of experiments and theories regarding consciousness as a non-local field. This growing psychic research has not gone unnoticed by classical scientists. Many of them are beginning to acknowledge consciousness as a fundamental field of reality... Exoconscious experiencers have living confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Presence. These experiencers have the potential to birth a social movement confirming the extraterrestrial presence. They have the power to propel the UFO/ET information mainstream in ways not possible with classical science."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something Unknown... The movie

Posted: 28 February 2012

"Something Unknown...."  DVD cover

A couple of nights ago Birgitta and I viewed the 2009 movie "Something Unknown is doing we don't know what..." that oldest son Nick brought to our attention earlier in the month.


I was surprised to know some of the people in the film, including Jack Houck, developer of the PK Party (spoon bending).
Jack Houck
Eugene at PK Party #174 in 1987
(note RPK device at Eugene's right elbow)
(click on image to enlarge)

Nick replied,
 "...very interesting.  And now the powers that be claim that remote viewing (RV) is a sham. I think your whole history with psy was represented in that movie..."
I replied:
"Yes, you are correct about my "whole history with psy" being represented in that movie. Thanks for bringing it to my attention... Friend Jack Houck, Steve Schwartz and others are prominently presented! I didn't realize until this film that RV was used to locate Saddam! Who are 'the powers that be'?"
Nick replied:
 "Well, that was a quote from a TSA supervisor when he was shaking me down at the ... airport."
I replied:
Yeah, right.... LOL. See above pix and links.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Regarding Table 1.

Posted: 20 February 2012; Updated: 

Notice: From now on, this site will not accept anonymous entries. We took down and edited a long exchange with someone who originally identified as "Anonymous". From now on I will refer to him/her as "A.T." because much of the exchange was valuable to the objective of the experiment. That included "Table 1" that was generated during A.T.'s rigorous participation.