Purpose of the RPK Experiment

Original post: 13 July 2009.
(Updated 17 July 2018: see PS below)
The blog posts below are a running account of an experiment that began on August 14, 1965. It has taken this long to get it this simple and for technology to be available.

The present design is a descendant of the 1980s "PK Party" (spoon bending) developed by Jack Houck. Its purpose is to experience and explain the phenomenon of remote psychokinesis and to understand its uncertainties.

We are attempting to produce an NCR (non-consensus reality) event in a CR (consensus reality) frame of reference in order to learn how to apply what physicist/psychologist Arnold Mindell calls The Edge between Physics and Psychology in his seminal work Quantum Mind, published in 2000. We believe that this process will lead us to a more mature understanding of our physical and psychological capabilities, which will in turn help us develop deeper social responsibility for our planet in terms of raising our individual and collective awareness. We believe that this will help transform societal attitudes from ideological needs to subdue, dominate or control each other or other beings of all kinds (animate and inanimate). We believe that this can happen only by partnering and supporting each other in raising our mutual awareness in creative ways.


PS. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright has given this experiment a clearer current explanation of purpose. In her Exoconscious Proposal: The Common Ground of Consciousness Science and Psychic Intelligence she writes "Today, extraterrestrial experiencers join growing numbers of vocal psychic experiencers: near death experiencers (NDE), out of body travelers (OBE), mediums, psychics and healers. Together these groups are urging, if not pushing, consciousness science to build a body of experiments and theories regarding consciousness as a non-local field. This growing psychic research has not gone unnoticed by classical scientists. Many of them are beginning to acknowledge consciousness as a fundamental field of reality... Exoconscious experiencers have living confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Presence. These experiencers have the potential to birth a social movement confirming the extraterrestrial presence. They have the power to propel the UFO/ET information mainstream in ways not possible with classical science."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

RPK demonstrated!!

Posted: 18 Aug 2013

On July 4, 2013, I saw it with my own eyes live on a Skype call! My new friend George, now living in the Philippines, but based in Portland, Oregon, demonstrated his RPK capability on his device (not unlike mine), which sits on his office desk. As I watched (in real time) the object twist slowly while hanging on a thread in a closed, transparent cylinder at his mental direction, I realized that the original objective of my own experiment had just been demonstrated! All the more interesting to me is that George is a theoretical physicist with a PhD from UC Berkeley! I had originally thought to demonstrate the phenomenon and then present it to physicists to explain it. George's experiment has clearly and simply included and transcended this strategy!


Anonymous said...

This is impressive. I've read such things before but this is very detailed.

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Saijin Jack said...

I have looked to my own work with the Sabian symbols about this day of August 18 and find much significance. I will share one such meaning: RAMIFICATION
Man's effective mobilization of all the unrealized possibilities of his destiny. Blessed be!

Saijin Jack said...

As for the day of the event, this: One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb
Exceptional steadiness and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of the moment.
This is a symbol of that belief in his inherent supremacy over all other orders of nature by which man is characterized most fundamentally, dramatized by his quite normal confidence in his ability to deal with every eventuality of day-by-day activity and relationship. Any individual must rule his environment or surrender his own potentialities forever. Here is practicality brought to the point of ruthlessness.

Eugene said...

A most interesting and curious reply! Thank you Saijin Jack. I was struck first by the term "very prominent thumb" and wondered immediately about my own left thumb, which looks quite different from my right. When I was a young soldier during basic training, one of my buddies observed this anatomical difference and exclaimed "Hey Kovalenko, that's no thumb. That is a toe!" Others have observed it as a "Murderer's thumb". Wikipedia amplifies it as: "A clubbed thumb or stub thumb, known clinically as brachydactyly type D (BDD),..is a genetic trait characterized by the last bone of one or both thumbs being short and round with an accompanying short and wide nail bed.".

My dad's mother (a Russian) had this thumb. So does my daughter, but on both hands.

In any case, I like the term DETERMINATION.... It fits....even "to the point of ruthlessness"!