Purpose of the RPK Experiment

Original post: 13 July 2009.
(Updated 17 July 2018: see PS below)
The blog posts below are a running account of an experiment that began on August 14, 1965. It has taken this long to get it this simple and for technology to be available.

The present design is a descendant of the 1980s "PK Party" (spoon bending) developed by Jack Houck. Its purpose is to experience and explain the phenomenon of remote psychokinesis and to understand its uncertainties.

We are attempting to produce an NCR (non-consensus reality) event in a CR (consensus reality) frame of reference in order to learn how to apply what physicist/psychologist Arnold Mindell calls The Edge between Physics and Psychology in his seminal work Quantum Mind, published in 2000. We believe that this process will lead us to a more mature understanding of our physical and psychological capabilities, which will in turn help us develop deeper social responsibility for our planet in terms of raising our individual and collective awareness. We believe that this will help transform societal attitudes from ideological needs to subdue, dominate or control each other or other beings of all kinds (animate and inanimate). We believe that this can happen only by partnering and supporting each other in raising our mutual awareness in creative ways.


PS. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright has given this experiment a clearer current explanation of purpose. In her Exoconscious Proposal: The Common Ground of Consciousness Science and Psychic Intelligence she writes "Today, extraterrestrial experiencers join growing numbers of vocal psychic experiencers: near death experiencers (NDE), out of body travelers (OBE), mediums, psychics and healers. Together these groups are urging, if not pushing, consciousness science to build a body of experiments and theories regarding consciousness as a non-local field. This growing psychic research has not gone unnoticed by classical scientists. Many of them are beginning to acknowledge consciousness as a fundamental field of reality... Exoconscious experiencers have living confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Presence. These experiencers have the potential to birth a social movement confirming the extraterrestrial presence. They have the power to propel the UFO/ET information mainstream in ways not possible with classical science."

Monday, August 19, 2019

RPK Phases 3 & 4 from Russia

Posted: 19 August 2019
Updated: 1Sep19

In the aftermath of the puzzling Phase 2 runs with influencers A-D, Influencer C (Nancy) traveled to Russia to attend a training session with an institute in St. Petersburg, which specializes in teaching pk and other esoteric disciplines. I had hoped to join her and others there after moving to Sweden. Unfortunately, the move to Sweden has been delayed by overwhelmed Swedish immigration applicants and a change in Sweden's immigration policy.

But, because of Nancy's rigorous analysis of her Phase 2C run [See her August 1 post on this thread], she suggested we try it again from St. Petersburg as Phase 3. This time I took the Phase 2 Core out of the Night Owl surveillance structure and placed it in the northwest corner of a ceiling-anchored high office shelf and then teamed up with her and a colleague to do two Skype runs. Below is how it looked.

RPK Phase 3 Core in NW corner of high office shelf
[An LED lamp gives steady indirect light and the webcam
is located midway next to vertical post close to the Core device]

Nancy and Chantal attempting to influence Phase 3 objects from St. Petersburg
[Notice the small split screen image on the upper right of the monitor,
on which they are focusing on a full screen on their Russian monitor.]

We are still evaluating Phase 3 video results, since Nancy & Chantel recorded two different runs while in St. Pete. Each run lasted for one hour and was recorded on my iPad and their computer in Russia.

After these two Phase 3 runs, Nancy helped facilitate a so-called "Phase 3.5" run where the St. Pete training class of 8 talented participants agreed to attempt influencing an initial core design with two different colored (white and lavender) paper spiral objects according to their specifications. Let's call that pre-phase 4.

Students at the Institute for Biosensory Psychology
Experimenting with RPK pre-Phase 4 from St. Petersburg
On August 13, at the time I was in conversation with a friend at a nearby cafe when Nancy called me on my cell phone from St. Pete to tell me the institute would be ready to tune in to my system in 20 minutes!! Would I do it? I said yes and rushed home to try to somehow build the new system. Birgitta found a large glass jar and could only find white and lavender colored paper from which to cut out the spirals. And we barely made it!

Hours later that same day [Aug 13], Nancy wrote:
Thanks so much from everybody! You pulled off a quick miracle and did a great job with the timeframe you were given. I will explain more about that when I return. 
On Aug 15, Nancy wrote again:  
We are currently measuring your spirals and so far it looks like there may have been a movement on the white spiral unless of course it could have been one of those camera autofocus adjustments that could have changed the position on the Skype screen ... we we are trying to measure it proprionate to ithe edges.
Before Nancy left Russia couple of days later, Birgitta and I redesigned Phase 4 to better meet institute specifications, this time using two paper spirals on different colored paper with black markings. See below:

2"x 2" square colored paper patterns 
before being cut into two spirals

RPK 4 Core w/ St. Petersburg spirals

RPK 4 top w/quadrille graph paper (1/4" spacing)
showing location of colored spirals.

RPK 4 bottom
(showing end of spirals not touching bottom)

RPK4 Core on top shelf in NW office corner
[Note symbolic books supporting Core]
[Note also the small 6" red ruler as reference on the self beneath books]
Birgitta helped make the spirals and place them so that they were as far apart as possible without bumping into each other or touching the sides or bottom. She used hair spray to stiffen the spirals and keeping them from further stretching.

Phase 4 Setup near NW corner shelf
[Note webcam (on right) much further away than with Phase 3]
Over all RPK Phase 4 system

To be continued...

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